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Involvement allows parents to monitor school and classroom activities, and to coordinate their efforts with teachers to encourage acceptable classroom behavior and ensure that the child completes schoolwork and positive parent-teacher interactions, have also been found to positively affect teachers self-perception and job satisfaction .

Research shows that students perform better in school if their fathers as well as their mothers are involved, regardless of whether the father lives with the student or not

  1. To chek the school diary of the student daily
  2. To send child with full unifrom necessary books and other materials such as pen, pencil, eraser etc.
  3. To couterrsign the remarks notes and comment of the teacher given in the dairy.
  4. To come in the office when called by the autherity.
  5. To attend the faction and parents meeting whenever informed.
  6. To deposit all the fee before the due date.
  7. At least three day notice in writing on a prescribed from is to be submit duly signet by the parent/guadian before with drawing a student from the school.
  8. Do not send costly things with his/her ward.
  9. To extent their full co-operation for the smooth running of the school.
  10. To check home work daily.
  11. To sign on progress report.
  12. Second saturday of every month will be parents meeting day. parent are requested to attend the meeting.